Houchin Electric, Tulsa's Best Electrician.

Why Houchin?

Pride.  Skill.  Dedication.


Servicing a growing majority of Tulsa residential, commercial, and industrial sites, Houchin Electric Company has proven their unmatched skill in the field of electrical service. Whether it is for preventative maintenance or diagnostic, upgrades or repairs, Houchin Electric Company is always ready and able to answer any questions or handle any electrical emergency.

Because they utilize the most advanced tools, equipment, and available technology, Houchin is regarded as one of the premiere electrical contractors in Tulsa. In fact, their infrared thermography technology allows for predictive maintenance that directs and identifies potentially dangerous electric problems, a rare service not offered by most other electrical companies.

Houchin’s strong lineup of certified and licensed electricians are committed and hardworking. Strong work ethics and determination allow Houchin to continue to strengthen its market base with services that are of the highest caliber. Each project is given the same level of workmanship and professionalism and no project is seen as too small.

Good reasons to call Houchin for your next project:

  • Dedicated service and proven excellence since 1974
  • Equipped with advanced testing tools to locate electrical issues and ensure proper power and safety.

Houchin Electric offers the following services:

  • Electrical Preventative & Predictive Maintenance – As your home ages and experiences general wear and tear, the Houchin Electric Company sees to it that your home maintains its top electrical performance by using tools and techniques that can prevent and predict electrical risks in your house.
  • Ultrasonic Testing – Houchin electricians use this state of the art tool to detect defects and poor connections that can save business owners hundreds of dollars in repairs when detected early on.
  • Voltage & Current Diagnostics – This technique is specifically used to prevent your electrical system from overloading which can lead to fires or explosions.
  • Power Quality Analysis – This is especially helpful for commercial sites that need to analyze the quality of electrical power that goes into their system.
  • Surge Protection – Provides the necessary tools to protect your home or office from voltage spikes which can damage computers and other electrical components.
  • Lighting Installations – Houchin electricians are capable of handling simple to complex lighting requirements for any type of infrastructure.

Houchin Electric has been serving Oklahoma’s electric needs since 1974. The staff includes some of the best personnel in the electrical industry.

John Houchin, a 1965 graduate of Nathan Hale High School, is a Tulsa success story. He began his electric business in 1974 and steadily grew it to be the company that other businesses and homeowners rely on. In fact, with sales in excess of 4 million dollars a year, it’s not unusual for Houchin to be booked months in advance for large-scale jobs.

Houchin has a team of 40+ employees, and the company does work at area refineries, bulk-product handling plants, manufacturing companies and all types of businesses. Each Houchin electrician holds the hard-to-earn Oklahoma electrician’s license and is courteous and professional.
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