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Thermal Imaging


A quality thermal inspection can be performed with little or no interruption to your schedule and can save you time and money later on.

Infrared cameras can quickly check electrical systems for hot spots caused by loose connections, damage, overload, and other problems before they can cause further damage. Infrared cameras allow you to inspect hundreds of connections per day and assign level of severity for each problem based on temperature. This unique capability can save companies thousands of dollars per incident. Analysis of each anomaly allows a client to prioritize what repairs are needed. Infrared testing can be performed on 120 volt panels to the overhead distribution yard.

Why Infrared?

Infrared inspection of your facility can provide you with valuable information on the condition of your equipment that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly repairs, downtime, and dangerous failures resulting in fires and explosions. An infreared inspection of an electrical distribution system is designed to identify potential equipment failures before they happen so the appropriate action can be taken. Resistance created by loose connection creates heat that can be imaged to show the exact location of the defect that will simplify repair and protect adajacent components. This in turn will reduce cost of repair and potential down time.

You may also ask your insurance provider if they offer discounts as a result of an infrared inspection.

Houchin has a Level II trained and certified infrared inspector.


Houchin Electric has been serving Oklahoma’s electric needs since 1974. The staff includes some of the best personnel in the electrical industry.

John Houchin, a 1965 graduate of Nathan Hale High School, is a Tulsa success story. He began his electric business in 1974 and steadily grew it to be the company that other businesses and homeowners rely on. In fact, with sales in excess of 4 million dollars a year, it’s not unusual for Houchin to be booked months in advance for large-scale jobs.

Houchin has a team of 40+ employees, and the company does work at area refineries, bulk-product handling plants, manufacturing companies and all types of businesses. Each Houchin electrician holds the hard-to-earn Oklahoma electrician’s license and is courteous and professional.
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