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Houchin Electric Professionally Installs Standby Generators

Don't get stuck IN THE DARK. Hire the professionals at Houchin Electric to install a standby generator for your home.

Don’t get stuck IN THE DARK. Hire the professionals at Houchin Electric to install a standby generator for your home.

The weather in Oklahoma is very unpredictable. And doesn’t it seem like the power has a knack for going out when you need it most? Nothing’s more frustrating than having a power outage right after you’ve fully stocked your fridge. And the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in the dark in an unheated home during the coldest winter months. That’s why you should keep your fridge running, your lights on and your home safe and comfortable during the next natural or man-made disaster with a standby backup generator, professionally installed by the experienced electricians at Houchin Electric.

A professionally installed standby generator has many advantages over a portable generator. Rather than having to go outside and hook up a portable generator during a storm in the middle of the night, a professionally installed standby generator senses a power outage and switches to generator power for you. Likewise, if you are away from home when the power goes out, a professionally installed standby generator will keep your milk and ice cream cold until you return. A portable generator generally runs on gasoline or diesel, fuels that must be stored in-between use or else you have the additional stress of finding and purchasing fuel before getting your home powered back up. Yet, a professionally installed standby generator can use the existing natural gas or propane lines already on your property.

With all this said, there is still the cost of something you hope to rarely use. Purchasing a standby generator and having it professionally installed is a significant investment in your home and family’s security. You should consider the size and price of the generator and weigh those against the number of appliances you want to power in your home in the event of an emergency. Keep in mind, most standby generators within the financial reach of ordinary homeowners will not power everything at the same time. Some installations may even require permits, which will add extra time and expense. However, each time you decide to just ‘tough it out’ during a power outage, you’re facing the possibility of having to replace lost food, pipes and other electricity-sensitive investments. As a solution, Houchin Electric recommends having a standby generator professionally installed to hedge you and your family against power outage emergencies.

When you’re ready to have a standby generator professionally installed, call the professionals at Houchin Electric for a consultation!


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