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The Best Landscape Lighting Requires Electrical Wiring

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Many benefits come to mind when considering installing outdoor lighting around your home. Proper lighting not only ensures safety to your guests when walking on uneven surfaces such as staircases or rock pathways, but also raises your outdoor landscaping into a whole new realm of outdoor decor. One benefit that most homeowners do not consider about outdoor lighting is it’s ability to deter criminal activity. Poor outdoor lighting creates shadowy areas around the entry points of your home thus creating a safe haven for burglars to enter you home without being seen. If properly installed, landscape lighting can act as criminal repellent.

What is the difference between professionally installed landscape lighting and do-it-yourself lighting?

When looking to accent walkways and entrances with light, the cheapest option is often not sufficient. Many of the “do-it-youself” lighting kits only act as a temporary solution due to their low quality and low energy sources. Most lighting kits on the market today are solar powered and often do not give out enough light. Such kits are often of inferior quality and that lack of quality shows in their uniform look. If you do happen to find a kit that truly feeds off of your home’s power, your best bet is to hire a licensed electrician like Houchin Electric to install it.

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Keep in mind, landscape lighting should not be just for illumination, it should fit within its surroundings. When Houchin Electric installs outdoor lighting, the lighting blends so well with the environment that the eye only sees what is being illuminated. Unlike do-it-yourself lighting kits, professionally wired outdoor lighting is not an eyesore to your landscaping during daylight hours.

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Many effects can be accomplished by installing landscape lighting. Lighting can be installed to simulate moonlight filtering through the trees. It can project the shadows of plants onto the wall, creating dynamic and interesting visuals. And some of the best professional lighting can even accentuate landscaping elements and draw your eye to them at night.

If you’re ready to improve the exterior look of your home or business with custom landscape lighting and illumination, give the professionals at Houchin Electric a call. We do light right!

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