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Parking Lot Lighting

Investing in a properly functioning parking lot lighting system is an important factor in running a successful business.  At Houchin Electric we realize a well lit commercial business parking lot is not only more secure for your visiting customers but it also cuts down on possible break-ins and vandalism to your property. Houchin Electric has extensive experience in repairing and upgrading parking lot lights to increase lighting to desired levels.

Lighting for Safety and Aesthetics

The professionals at Houchin Electric can design and install parking lot and external lighting systems for both practical and ornamental purposes.  Houchin Electric has the skills and experience necessary to create aesthetically pleasing and decorative lighting to compliment the landscaping and architecture of any facility.

Decorative and Functional Parking Lot Lighting

The team at Houchin Electric will work with you to determine the style and size of parking lot poles you need to meet your decorative and functional purposes. Whether you desire standard 25-45 foot light poles that are more cost effective for large parking lots or you want shorter 12-16 foot poles to provide a more elegant atmosphere, Houchin Electric is your parking lot lighting source. Please visit our website at houchinelectric.com for more information or call us today for an estimate!




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