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Swimming Pool Electrical Safety

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Summertime is considered one of the most active times of the year. The season is full of cook outs, road trips and unforgettable pool parties. But if the proper precautions are not taken, a pool party may become unforgettable for the wrong reason, injury. Swimming can be dangerous for many reasons such as drowning, slipping, chemical exposure and even bacteria causing diseases. All of these are worth looking into, however one danger pool owners often forget is to inspect the possibility of electrical shock.

Practice safety around the pool and always remember, the use of any electrical equipment such as underwater lights, deck lights, a pool pump or any other accessory can pose a threat to people in the water if the wiring is incorrect or faulty. Both water and chlorine are excellent conductors of electricity, making swimming pools very hazardous in unsafe electrical conditions.

Remember to always use a trained technician. Call Houchin Electric for installation, service or repair of any electrical wiring or equipment. Reference this listĀ of safety precautions to help avoid electrocution or electrical shock.

  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for the power supply circuit for each piece of electrical equipment, including utility pumps to drain the pool water. The GFCI will disconnect the power supply if any electricity leaks are detected.
  • Insure your installation meets all local and national codes.
  • Make sure all electrical equipment is grounded and all metal objects (ladders, diving platforms, etc.) are electrically bonded together.
  • Never use extension cords around a pool or spa.
  • Never use electrical devices while in or close to the edge of a pool.
  • Never enter the water when a utility pump is running.
  • Never put an aluminum vacuum handle into the pool.
  • Never swim in your pool or spa during a lightning storm.

Summertime is not the only time for swimming. Many pools are open throughout the year and pools are common fixtures of hotels, cruise ships, resorts and fitness centers, making pool safety a year round commitment.

If you are looking for a trained professional to inspect your commercial pool or home pool for electrical safety, look no further than the professionals at Houchin Electric. Our many years of service will ensure that your guests have a splashing good time.

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