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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Safety Tips

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Bathroom exhaust fans are often found to be the cause of household fires.

Houchin Electric has previously posted information on the importance of installing GFCI electrical outlets in the bathroom, but today we thought we would take bathroom safety a step further with a discussion about bathroom exhaust fans.

The most common reasons bathroom exhaust fans set fire are bad wiring, constant operation, gathered dust, and age.

Bad Wiring

The first and most obvious cause for a bathroom fan to catch fire is bad wiring. Below are some of dangerous warning signs to look for if you expect bad wiring in your home. However, an inspection by a professional electrician from Houchin Electric is always your best defense.

  • Frequent Circuit Trips
  • Dimming or Flickering Lights
  • Overrated Circuit
  • Buzzing or Charred Outlets and Switches
  • “Live” Appliances
  • Smell Something Burning?
  • Damaged or Worn Insulation
  • Funny Wiring

 Fan Under Constant Operation

Ideally, you should run your bathroom fan for 15-20 minutes during and after a bath or shower. This will help control moisture in your bathroom. However, you should not leave the fan running all the time. Running the fan constantly puts wear on the ball bearings inside and can cause them to lock up. If the bearings lock up, the fan motor will overheat and spark a fire.

Dusty Fan

Bathroom fans seem to attract dust and lint like a magnet. You should clean your fan on a regular basis to rid the dust and lint because they can ignite and cause a fire. At least once a month, clean your bathroom fan to help keep it safe. We suggest turning the fan off and then using canned air to clean the fan. Simply spray the air until all the dust and lint have been removed.

Old Bathroom Fans

Old fans are a hazard. You should have them replaced once they are past their time. A new fan will run more efficient for you, save energy and increase the fire safety of your home.


Do you need to install a new bathroom fan in your home? Are you afraid the wiring in your home is not up to par? Call Houchin Electric to do the installation for you! Browse our website to learn more: Houchin Electric.





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