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Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Stuff with GFCI Outlets!

GFCI outlets were designed to protect people from deadly electrical shock. They can also help reduce the risk of house fires caused by electrical problems and reduce damage to appliances caused by faulty electrical circuits. The way they work is … Continue reading

The Best Landscape Lighting Requires Electrical Wiring

Houchin Electric Does Light Right! Many benefits come to mind when considering installing outdoor lighting around your home. Proper lighting not only ensures safety to your guests when walking on uneven surfaces such as staircases or rock pathways, but also … Continue reading

Electrical Outlets Not Working? Check Your GFCI Receptacles

One of the most common service calls we receive is often resolved by the simple push of a button. If you’re experiencing a problem with some of your electrical outlets not working, your problem may be merely a tripped GFCI … Continue reading

Call Houchin Electric for Commercial Parking Lot and External Lighting

  Parking Lot Lighting Investing in a properly functioning parking lot lighting system is an important factor in running a successful business.  At Houchin Electric we realize a well lit commercial business parking lot is not only more secure for … Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

With the summer heat now subsiding into cooler nights full of outdoor entertainment there is no better time to update your outdoor lighting. Tulsa’s best electrician, Houchin Electric has installed countless outdoor lighting.  Over the years, we’ve seen how outdoor … Continue reading