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Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Stuff with GFCI Outlets!

GFCI outlets were designed to protect people from deadly electrical shock. They can also help reduce the risk of house fires caused by electrical problems and reduce damage to appliances caused by faulty electrical circuits.

The way they work is rather clever. A GFCI outlet monitors the flow of energy through the circuit. If an imbalance between the “hot” and “neutral” poles in the circuit occurs, indicating that there is a ground fault, the outlet trips off. Ground faults occur for a variety of reasons, including a person touching an energized part of the circuit, which can be deadly; think of a hair dryer falling in the water while a person is in the bathtub.

A GFCI outlet has two small buttons, “test” and “reset.” GFCI outlets should be tested regularly to confirm they are working properly. You can test an outlet by plugging a lamp into it and turning the lamp on, and then hitting the test button. If the outlet is working properly, when you hit the test button, the lamp should go off and the reset button should pop out. Press the reset button to turn the outlet back on.

GFCI outlets are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. However, Houchin Electric suggests you also have them installed in your garage, crawl space, unfinished basement, and outdoors around your home. These areas are of most concern because they are prone to the development of ground faults.

If you have a GFCI outlet trip, your safest bet is to have a professional electrician from Houchin Electric inspect it. For example, if a bathroom outlet suddenly stops working, it may be because a wire inside the outlet is encountering something that is causing a ground fault. You may not even be aware of the fault but an electrician from Houchin Electric can run a diagnostic test to determine why the outlet shut off and replace the outlet if it needs to be replaced. Browse our website Houchin Electric to learn more about us and the services we offer.

We want you to please be aware that you can still experience a shock even when you have GFCI outlets. GFCI outlets detect imbalances in energy quickly enough to prevent severe or fatal shock, but victims can still experience a shock in the fraction of a second it takes for the GFCI outlet to respond to a ground fault.

Houchin Electric can install GFCI outlets in any area of your home: kitchen, bathroom, garage, attic, basement, even the outdoors around your home.  Give us a call to install or replace your non-working outlets today! 918-663-1818

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Safety Tips

Bathroom exhaust fans are often found to be the cause of household fires.

Houchin Electric has previously posted information on the importance of installing GFCI electrical outlets in the bathroom, but today we thought we would take bathroom safety a step further with a discussion about bathroom exhaust fans.

The most common reasons bathroom exhaust fans set fire are bad wiring, constant operation, gathered dust, and age.

Bad Wiring

The first and most obvious cause for a bathroom fan to catch fire is bad wiring. Below are some of dangerous warning signs to look for if you expect bad wiring in your home. However, an inspection by a professional electrician from Houchin Electric is always your best defense.

  • Frequent Circuit Trips
  • Dimming or Flickering Lights
  • Overrated Circuit
  • Buzzing or Charred Outlets and Switches
  • “Live” Appliances
  • Smell Something Burning?
  • Damaged or Worn Insulation
  • Funny Wiring

 Fan Under Constant Operation

Ideally, you should run your bathroom fan for 15-20 minutes during and after a bath or shower. This will help control moisture in your bathroom. However, you should not leave the fan running all the time. Running the fan constantly puts wear on the ball bearings inside and can cause them to lock up. If the bearings lock up, the fan motor will overheat and spark a fire.

Dusty Fan

Bathroom fans seem to attract dust and lint like a magnet. You should clean your fan on a regular basis to rid the dust and lint because they can ignite and cause a fire. At least once a month, clean your bathroom fan to help keep it safe. We suggest turning the fan off and then using canned air to clean the fan. Simply spray the air until all the dust and lint have been removed.

Old Bathroom Fans

Old fans are a hazard. You should have them replaced once they are past their time. A new fan will run more efficient for you, save energy and increase the fire safety of your home.


Do you need to install a new bathroom fan in your home? Are you afraid the wiring in your home is not up to par? Call Houchin Electric to do the installation for you! Browse our website to learn more: Houchin Electric.




Houchin Electric Professionally Installs Standby Generators

Don't get stuck IN THE DARK. Hire the professionals at Houchin Electric to install a standby generator for your home.

Don’t get stuck IN THE DARK. Hire the professionals at Houchin Electric to install a standby generator for your home.

The weather in Oklahoma is very unpredictable. And doesn’t it seem like the power has a knack for going out when you need it most? Nothing’s more frustrating than having a power outage right after you’ve fully stocked your fridge. And the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in the dark in an unheated home during the coldest winter months. That’s why you should keep your fridge running, your lights on and your home safe and comfortable during the next natural or man-made disaster with a standby backup generator, professionally installed by the experienced electricians at Houchin Electric.

A professionally installed standby generator has many advantages over a portable generator. Rather than having to go outside and hook up a portable generator during a storm in the middle of the night, a professionally installed standby generator senses a power outage and switches to generator power for you. Likewise, if you are away from home when the power goes out, a professionally installed standby generator will keep your milk and ice cream cold until you return. A portable generator generally runs on gasoline or diesel, fuels that must be stored in-between use or else you have the additional stress of finding and purchasing fuel before getting your home powered back up. Yet, a professionally installed standby generator can use the existing natural gas or propane lines already on your property.

With all this said, there is still the cost of something you hope to rarely use. Purchasing a standby generator and having it professionally installed is a significant investment in your home and family’s security. You should consider the size and price of the generator and weigh those against the number of appliances you want to power in your home in the event of an emergency. Keep in mind, most standby generators within the financial reach of ordinary homeowners will not power everything at the same time. Some installations may even require permits, which will add extra time and expense. However, each time you decide to just ‘tough it out’ during a power outage, you’re facing the possibility of having to replace lost food, pipes and other electricity-sensitive investments. As a solution, Houchin Electric recommends having a standby generator professionally installed to hedge you and your family against power outage emergencies.

When you’re ready to have a standby generator professionally installed, call the professionals at Houchin Electric for a consultation!

Swimming Pool Electrical Safety

pool sign

Summertime is considered one of the most active times of the year. The season is full of cook outs, road trips and unforgettable pool parties. But if the proper precautions are not taken, a pool party may become unforgettable for the wrong reason, injury. Swimming can be dangerous for many reasons such as drowning, slipping, chemical exposure and even bacteria causing diseases. All of these are worth looking into, however one danger pool owners often forget is to inspect the possibility of electrical shock.

Practice safety around the pool and always remember, the use of any electrical equipment such as underwater lights, deck lights, a pool pump or any other accessory can pose a threat to people in the water if the wiring is incorrect or faulty. Both water and chlorine are excellent conductors of electricity, making swimming pools very hazardous in unsafe electrical conditions.

Remember to always use a trained technician. Call Houchin Electric for installation, service or repair of any electrical wiring or equipment. Reference this list of safety precautions to help avoid electrocution or electrical shock.

  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for the power supply circuit for each piece of electrical equipment, including utility pumps to drain the pool water. The GFCI will disconnect the power supply if any electricity leaks are detected.
  • Insure your installation meets all local and national codes.
  • Make sure all electrical equipment is grounded and all metal objects (ladders, diving platforms, etc.) are electrically bonded together.
  • Never use extension cords around a pool or spa.
  • Never use electrical devices while in or close to the edge of a pool.
  • Never enter the water when a utility pump is running.
  • Never put an aluminum vacuum handle into the pool.
  • Never swim in your pool or spa during a lightning storm.

Summertime is not the only time for swimming. Many pools are open throughout the year and pools are common fixtures of hotels, cruise ships, resorts and fitness centers, making pool safety a year round commitment.

If you are looking for a trained professional to inspect your commercial pool or home pool for electrical safety, look no further than the professionals at Houchin Electric. Our many years of service will ensure that your guests have a splashing good time.

Give us a call at 918-663-1818 or visit HouchinElectric for more information.

The Best Landscape Lighting Requires Electrical Wiring

Houchin Electric Does Light Right!

landscape 1

Many benefits come to mind when considering installing outdoor lighting around your home. Proper lighting not only ensures safety to your guests when walking on uneven surfaces such as staircases or rock pathways, but also raises your outdoor landscaping into a whole new realm of outdoor decor. One benefit that most homeowners do not consider about outdoor lighting is it’s ability to deter criminal activity. Poor outdoor lighting creates shadowy areas around the entry points of your home thus creating a safe haven for burglars to enter you home without being seen. If properly installed, landscape lighting can act as criminal repellent.

What is the difference between professionally installed landscape lighting and do-it-yourself lighting?

When looking to accent walkways and entrances with light, the cheapest option is often not sufficient. Many of the “do-it-youself” lighting kits only act as a temporary solution due to their low quality and low energy sources. Most lighting kits on the market today are solar powered and often do not give out enough light. Such kits are often of inferior quality and that lack of quality shows in their uniform look. If you do happen to find a kit that truly feeds off of your home’s power, your best bet is to hire a licensed electrician like Houchin Electric to install it.

landscape 2

Keep in mind, landscape lighting should not be just for illumination, it should fit within its surroundings. When Houchin Electric installs outdoor lighting, the lighting blends so well with the environment that the eye only sees what is being illuminated. Unlike do-it-yourself lighting kits, professionally wired outdoor lighting is not an eyesore to your landscaping during daylight hours.

landscape 3

Many effects can be accomplished by installing landscape lighting. Lighting can be installed to simulate moonlight filtering through the trees. It can project the shadows of plants onto the wall, creating dynamic and interesting visuals. And some of the best professional lighting can even accentuate landscaping elements and draw your eye to them at night.

If you’re ready to improve the exterior look of your home or business with custom landscape lighting and illumination, give the professionals at Houchin Electric a call. We do light right!

Call us at 918-663-1818 if we can be of assistance. Browse our website HouchinElectric.com for more information.